TRS / Annam / Aayat methi/Fenugreek Seeds 200g


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Once ground, TRS Methi seeds form an important ingredient in the finest mattress Curry powder. Lightly roasted whole Methi gives a sharp bitter sweet taste and is used Maily to temper Dalls and enhance the taste of vegetable dishes. Whole Methi is also an important ingredient in Indian pickles.

Methi Seeds are used to flavour several dishes and also form part of spice mixtures such as Panch phoron. One teaspoon taken with a glass of water every morning is said to have a soothing and cooling effect.

Health benefits:

– Fenugreek acts as a detoxifier according to Ayurveda, as it has a bitter taste (which is one of the 6 tastes or ‘rasas’ in Ayurveda)
– It helps in medical conditions such as diabetes, stomach problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol  etc.
– It is said to be good for lactating mothers as it helps increase milk production
– Methi powder is considered good for the hair as it is a natural conditioner and helps reduce dandruff. It is often mixes with other powders such as Henna or Amla powder and applied


Adding half a teaspoon of Methi seeds to the dosa lentil-rice-mixture while soaking will make dosas more crisp.

Nutritions Facts
Serving Size 100 gram
Calories 323
Total Fat 6 g
Total Carbohydrate 58 g
Dietary fiber 25 g
Protein 23 g
Sodium 67 mg

Percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a day.

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