24 Mantra Organic Chili Powder 100g


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24 Mantra’s spice section brings the striking flavoured red chilli powder with a rich colour and taste that give the food items an irresistible zest. It is organic in nature as it is made of organically grown 24 Mantra Red chillies. Organic dried red chillies are ground and pulverized into fine chilli powder. This Chilli powder uplifts a dish’s taste instantly. It adds flavour and spice to the meals and is the favourite and a necessary ingredient for the chefs worldwide. It adds a rich red glow and a sharp spicy flavour to the dishes. It should be used in moderation in the meals as it is highly spicy. Chilli powder is good for marinating non-veg food items. It is known to enhance one’s taste buds. Every product brought to you by 24 Mantra is organically produced and best in class in terms of taste, quality, flavour & nutritional value.

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